I need your help. The Daily Sean Vlog is coming to an end.

I need your help. The Daily Sean Vlog is coming to an end.

It’s been a wild ride. On January 25th The Daily Sean Vlog will come to an end. 365 days of vlogging has been fun and educational.

What will I do next? Where will the Vlog go? What do I name the Vlog? How often should I Vlog? So many unanswered questions. I’d love to hear from the tribe.

The behind-the-scenes is becoming too much. I don’t have the resources to keep it up. I pride myself on providing endless content for free, but it’s not sustainable. I have so much more to give, but it takes $$. (Considering Patreon)

Over the past year my Facebook fan page following tripled and we created a wonderful Facebook group that keeps growing. So thank you for the engagement.

I’m not going away, but I need to figure out a better business plan. Your positive words and endless messages have convinced me I’m doing exactly what I should be doing. I will keep sharing the knowledge, I just need to figure out how that will look.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on where to go next.

What topics did you like? What would you like to see more of? It would help me a lot if you’d vote below:


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I hope to hear from you soon.



Hey Nurses: Why Snapchat? The power of relationships. [updated]

Hey Nurses: Why Snapchat? The power of relationships. [updated]

UPDATE:  Before you read this post, you should know I no longer use Snapchat. It lost its luster in favor of the more engaging Instagram Stories

I’m a Nurse, Educator, Leader, and Speaker. I want to connect with and provide value to everyone who can benefit from my skills and knowledge.

I’m also an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Freelance Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster, Social Media Maven, and Nurse Entrepreneur. I’ve been a Nurse and nurse blogger for over a decade, and in that time I’ve acquired a broad range of life expertise and professional wisdom.

I want to share my experiences with other Nurses, healthcare professionals and the like so they may benefit from the lessons I’ve learned with less effort and in a fraction of the time.

I’m a storyteller. The reason for my success (both professional & personal) lies solely in the relationships I’ve developed. Which is a concept I’ve also heard over and over from the most successful.

The stories I tell with my blog writing, video producing and podcast broadcasting are the foundation of my communication. But I’ve discovered how Snapchat can springboard my relationship with my audience.

Snapchat is gaining has had gained guru-level attention because it provides a unique platform for one-on-one communication like no other [Update: thanks to Instagram stories, Snapchat’s interface is no longer unique and not the most popular].

Quick snippets of multimedia communication in the form of an editable picture (or video) called a “snap” that has a *24-hr shelf life. It can be posted to your personal “story” (similar to your Facebook/Twitter timeline) or sent via private message to your friends on Snapchat. (It disappears from your timeline 24 hours after it is posted and private messages disappear 10 seconds after opening)

[*Side note: There are (multiple) ways to save your snaps]

It’s a great medium for fielding questions from fans as well as provide small slices of information-sharing gold with anyone who is your friend on the platform.


[Snapchat Murders Facebook]

You see, unless you make an effort to share it on other platforms, the information on Snapchat is exclusive and (mostly) private on Snapchat’s platform. [Which at the time of this writing was mobile-only.]

I’ve communicated and shared information with fellow professionals, students, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and others who were seeking direction and advice on a personal level that would not be possible on other platforms.

Here’s how I initially started using Snapchat (and now use Instagram):

  • sharing snippets of my daily personal life (including my journey through knee surgery)
  • providing valuable professional advice
  • sharing mediapreneur topic advice (blog/vlog/marketing/podcasting/content creation)
  • real-time private professional communication and networking
  • offering educational and career advice
  • sharing behind the scenes information on upcoming projects

The “convenience factor” is something I failed to understand until I started using Snapchat more. Instead of spending 5 minutes or longer on a 140-character limit update to Twitter (yes I know Twitter updated their limits) or a pseudo-long-formed post update on Facebook or Instagram (which also has character limits), I can just “snap’ a 10-second video snippet of whatever subject is on my mind. If I need to share more info, I just pick up where I left off with the next “snap.” Instead of spending 10-30 minutes on a thought through worded text, I just take sequential “snaps” to tell a story.

This type of communication dialogue can be used when chatting one-on-one, or you can opt for the more traditional worded text message (in a private Snap). If you’re interested in bells & whistles, yep the app has them too. [Check out the articles on filters]

I initially started to use the app to share my personal journey through my right knee surgery, but it’s molded into a wonderful way to make deep connections with my audience.

Here’s how I’m now using Snapchat:

  • Created multiple Snapchat story “series” (content) to spark the conversation and build engagement with my Nursing community.
  • Created “Snapchat Classroom for Nurses” a “virtual” classroom in lecture form on various topics related to Nursing and the Nursing field.
  • Share “The Daily Sean Vlog” & “Facebook Live Vlog” episodes with behind-the-scenes content, topic discussions, and various vlog updates.
  • Created “#nurseprotip #nurselife #showandtell” a medium (prompt) for sharing snapshots and snippets of interesting content, media, and educational related Nursing information. For example sharing teaching points on viewing chest x-rays.
  • Intermittently re-introduce myself to my Snapchat friends, as my friend’s list keeps growing, and I want everyone to know who they just met.
  • Created “Question of the Day” a query of random Nursing-related questions to help garner feedback and create engagement around a hot topic in Nursing.
  • Created “Coffee Talk” a random personalized conversation between me and my friend list about (Nursing-related) topics that move me, saturate my computer or are popular in the world.

The conversation on Snapchat is much more enriched because you have this air of security with the disappearing Snap (yes, beware it is not fool-proof), but you find more personal connections where you make the effort.

The signal-to-noise ratio is not only tolerable but completely customizable and simple.

You could say I’m a big fan of Snapchat  community engagement.

How can I help you? Come follow me on Snapchat: @seanpdent


UPDATE: (last updated February 15, 2017)

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If you haven’t noticed, comments have been disabled on my blog. I would love to hear your comments, questions, and concerns.  So let’s connect. Or drop me a message on Snapchat @seanpdent:









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Social media burnout: a video response

I was browsing my social media circles and came across and interesting topic proposed by Mike (aka Dr. Anonymous) over at Family Medicine Rocks concerning social media burnout and rebranding.

Here is his quick vlog on the topic:

Doc A social media burnout


Then Emily (aka crzegirl) decided to post her own vlog response over at Flight EMS. Here is her vlog:

crzegirl social media burnout response


It’s referring to Mike taking a ‘breather’ from his social media activities (prompted by some feedback from a follower). He poses the question of when / or is it OK to take a breather? Is there such a thing as a ‘standard’ to social media when social media is just a hobby (like myself and the listed bloggers here). When social media (blogging, vlog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is not your full-time job is it appropriate, or is it even a requirement to take a breather from your social media activities?

The rebranding topic has to do with what and how is it done.

I decided to boldly step outside my comfort zone and post a vlog about this:

social media burnout


I apologize for the poor quality and my rambling. I’m still new at being comfortable with the video camera.

I think it’s really about your wants and needs. We bloggers tend to be brainwashed into thinking more is better. We have this crazy notion of having to post something everyday or else you’re failing as a blogger so-to-say.

What are your thoughts?