Teach me how to Periscope

I’m learnin’ how to ‘scope.

Although I seem to be doing a pretty horrible job thus far. My first Periscope the other day had 6 visitors… and the one I did today… uh I think there was one.

On both occasions I could not see the visitors commenting.. which was the whole point of hosting the darn Periscope in the first place. I either hit the wrong button.. or didn’t hit the correct button.

What can I say.. I’m a work in progress.

Maybe someone could teach me how to Periscope? Find me and school me please:


Please ignore the full frontal in the second periscope there. I guess it’s like everything else we do.. you really stink at it in the beginning.

Or.. maybe I’m all alone here?

Regardless…. I’ll try it again. Come join the conversation… or watch the train wreck…. either way it should be fun… right?