The Change of Shift (blog carnival) | Volume 7 Episode 3 March 2016

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Welcome to the Change of Shift (blog carnival). Can you believe it’s March 2016!?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the Change of Shift is (or was) or are not familiar with a Blog Carnival please check out the following link:

The (revived) Change of Shift: Nursing blog carnival

The reborn Change of Shift includes posts beyond just the blog article. Find a comfy seat, put on your reading glasses and sit back and relax. Welcome to the Change of Shift V7 E2.


65 Things That Gross You Out (Unless You’re a Nurse)

Nursing, social media, and HIPPA violations.

Some Nurses are still having a difficult time grasping privacy laws and how they apply to social media and social networking. Stay safe.


Upset, Angry, Agitated, Confused– Pulling Every Tube and Line: Calming the Storm


New kid (blogger) on the block, Rob talks about the age-old question of Nurses who have tattoos. This one never gets old for me…. well because… I have tattoos.


8 Reasons Nurses Need a LinkedIn Profile


If you fall you will get up

Our nursing student turned blogger shares some insights on failure. Including failure in Nursing school… and learning that restarting is not all that tough.


Funtabulously Frivolous Friday Five 135


Things of which I will never tire, part three thousand and forty-six:

Nurse Jo dropping more knowledge bombs that she’s learned over her tenure. When Jo talks, you should listen.



And a lil’ humor…

Can’t Feel My Face


Medical Memes Galore!

Finally A Clinic Run by “Parents Who’ve Done Their Research” Opens


Another blog carnival comes to a close my friends. I decided to let WordPress handle the links for this edition… not too bad.

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Have a safe and happy March. Until next month… have fun out there!