The generation gap in Nursing



The newer generation of Nurses versus the seasoned generation of Nurses.

The young versus the old.
Somehow we’ve drawn an imaginary line between ourselves and it’s time we figured out a way to erase it. United we stand, divided we fall.

Here are some myths about each generation:

New Nurse:

  • tech savvy
  • don’t appreciate the ‘old ways’
  • don’t understand how good they got it
  • always in a hurry

Seasoned Nurse:

  • never going to change
  • their way is not always the best way
  • stubborn and stuck in the past
  • need to pick up the pace

What do you think?

I thought I might offer some thoughts on how to eliminate this divide:
1. Knowledge is king
2. The care Nurses give hasn’t changed
3. Be open minded
4. Have mutual respect
5. Find common ground

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