Upcoming Podcast interview: Jon Haws RN CCRN, founder of NRSNG.com!


Jon is the founder of NRSNG.com, a website dedicated to teaching nursing students how to succeed with study materials he offers that is easily consumable and readily available.

I found Jon on Twitter and his popular Podcast. After some common interactions on multiple social media websites I realized Jon is a hot commodity!

I am opening the playbook to nursing school and providing easy to understand materials, cheat sheets, and study tools to help you reach your goal of RN.

Check out Jon on the web through some of his social media accounts and stay tuned for his interview!

Do you have any burning questions you’d like me to ask Jon? Drop me a message.





Jon will be on The Change of Shift Podcast on Monday January 25th so stay tuned for some serious knowledge bombs.

Join the live conversation at 2pm EST : https://blab.im/sean-dent-interview-jon-haws-rn-ccrn-founder-of-nrsng-com-the-change-of-shift-podcast