What area of Nursing should I choose? Why I chose the ICU.



How do you decide on which discipline of Nursing is the one for you?

When do you know?

Should you know your decision before you start school? Should you know by the time you graduate from school??!!

How do you know? Does someone tell you?

Is there a checklist?! GRRRRR

OK, let’s be honest… when deciding our ‘direction’…we change our mind at least three times while in school (or maybe that was just me).

I chose the ICU right out of nursing school for many reasons. I thought I’d share three major things that motivated my decision, way back then (yes it’s been a couple years):

1. Did it ‘click’?
2. Would you consider that decision something fun?
3. Would you view the job as a responsibility, or an opportunity?

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