OT = Over Time
OT = A Nurse’s BFF

That extra pay is always nice, but beware of the notorious tipping point.

One of the benefits of being a Nurse is that infamous 3-day work week. In a perfect world, your full-time job on requires 3 shifts per week, so in your mind if you pick up an extra shift (or 2… or 3) you could make some serious cash!

You work the overtime, you put in the extra hours. Those extra hours take a toll on your overall health. I don’t know about you… but it only takes one bad shift to put me over the edge (maybe it’s just me?) I literally drive myself into the ground with that money as my motivator.

Then you get your paycheck two weeks later…

It seems “the man” had other plans for your money. I’m talking about taxes. The higher your paycheck, the larger the amount of monies that are deducted (10% of $10 is $1, but 10% of $100 is $10). And these deductions of course, especially if you enroll in other voluntary benefits.

Everyone has a different tipping point based on multiple factors, this is just my warning message to you to be aware that this tipping point exists.

I don’t know about you, if I’m going to exhaust myself I want to see the money!!!


[from the movie ‘Jerry Maguire’]

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