Working the holiday?



Yes, working the holidays suck. But would you rather work the holiday… or be the patient?

Let’s try and remember how our patient’s holiday is going? Stop bitching. The holiday work is not going anywhere. Most of us work a job that is 24/7/365. We don’t get to ‘close up shop’ just because the calendar tells you it’s a recognized national holiday.

Maybe we could try and make our patient’s holiday a little brighter?

I want to thank every Nurse out there who has (or soon will) clock in during the Holiday (which is probably most Nurses in our profession).

And here’s to the next Holiday when we will all have to figure out who’s going to ‘cover the shift’.

I appreciate you taking one for the team and allowing the others to spend the day with their family.

The sacrifices we make are never-ending.

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