I discovered a quick and efficient way to lose all of my ‘holiday weight gain’

Influenza virus

The week of Christmas I randomly weighed myself. I was curious about my weight, because I threw caution to the wind this past holiday season and ate any and every sweet treat that crossed my path.

I was the heaviest I’ve  been in a long time.

I finished my 15th worked shift over the past 18 days. We drove home to visit the family, and I  enjoyed my Christmas holiday with my family

We visited with both sides of our family, stayed overnight then headed back home. Arrived home, did some cleaning up and I headed to the gym to workout and work off all that darn crap.

I had only made it to the gym once in over a week due to my last stretch of shifts. I had worked 9 straight, so I was achy sore from work, from traveling and needed to move.

As per my usual, I decided to push the limits a bit. Did some sound barbell work and then did some tough mid-line ‘abs’ work. By the time I was done, my gut was feelin’.. a bit blegh.

I chalked it up to being away from training.

I made it home and that blegh feeling got progressively worse. By the time I was home, I was flat out nauseated. It took everything in me not to hurl. Within the first 30 minutes of getting home that Friday night I was in the bathroom. And I stayed in the bathroom for hours. In fact I spent more time in the bathroom that night than I did my bed.

Over the next 36 hrs (from what I’m told) I laid on the couch shuffling from sitting up to lying and sleeping. I would awaken long enough to crawl to the bathroom and come back out to the couch.

I don’t remember Saturday after Christmas at all.

It took me all the w2014-12-29 07.52.07ay until Tuesday of this week to feel… uhhmm.. ?normal? Tuesday was the first day I did more than shower. I didn’t brush my teeth for days.


I found out at the end of my weekend, that my lil’ nephew and niece were sick on Christmas morning and they had so very kindly passed on their germs to me and half my family.

I weighed myself yesterday. I lost seven pounds since the days before Christmas.


This has been my hangout for the past 72 hours… Gotta love the flu. Finally up and moving today.

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So much for that holiday weight gain.


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No words today


This was my Christmas.


A very Merry Christmas to everyone


screenshotMerry Christmas from our home to yours. Thank you all for being a part of my world. Over at Scrubs Magazine and ScrubsBeat we wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays.

As you can see… even my beautiful wife makes a cameo!!!

Thank you to all of those working a shift today!

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A new Christmas Eve tradition….

Thank you TBS…


Nurses: Improve your argument

When someone is screaming at you because of their anger, make sure you don’t let your anger jump in. Raising your voice doesn’t make you ‘more’ right. Raising your voice doesn’t solve problems. Raising your voice simply raises the level of your vital signs.

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.

The next time you have a volatile patient, family member, provider, colleague or complete stranger raise their voice… be sure you don’t raise yours. Work smarter, not harder.

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Once you become a nurse, TV is ruined forever

Sitting in front of the boob tube tonight watching one of my DVR’d shows I realized that TV was officially ruined for me once I entered the nursing profession.

Every. Single. Time. Something medical-related surfaces in the plot of whatever TV show I’m watching, I automatically pick it to pieces for it’s lack of ‘reality’ and validity.

As if that would happen“.. is muttered in my household quite often (since I’m married to a nurse).

It’s actually turned into quite the game for my wife and I. Who will break their silence first? Who will blurt out the ‘AS IF’ response to whatever is happening on the television first?


Darn nursing.

Image source: Top This: 10 Funny Nursing Quotes And Memes To Complete Your Day | NurseBuff.

Progress can only be made when you show up

Shift 6 of 9 in a row finished up today. I (literally) dragged my butt to the gym to siphon what energy I had left into a workout. It wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. I really just wanted to go home and collapse on the couch.

3 more to go….

But who’s counting?

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