Change of Shift (blog carnival) | Volume 6 Episode 2 October 2015


Welcome to the Change of Shift (blog carnival). For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the Change of Shift is (or was) or are not familiar with a  Blog Carnival please check out the following link:

The (revived) Change of Shift: Nursing blog carnival

The reborn Change of Shift includes posts beyond just the blog article. Find a comfy seat, put on your reading glasses and sit back and relax. Welcome to the Change of Shift V6 E2.


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Nurse Practitioners are Not Mid-level Providers
Dr. Melissa DeCapua, DNP, PMHNP gives a great discussion on a subject near and dear to my heart. Don’t know how to address us?

I would suggest using “nurse practitioner.” Your next best bet would be, “highly-educated professional providing expert medical care to diverse populations with a steadfast belief in the value of health promotion and patient-centered care.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.22.38 PMAdults Are Bullies, Too: STOP The Bullying
Dr. Rachel Silva, NP discusses the topic of bullying, but then delves into the types of bullies, the different types of bullying and of  course strategies to help cope with bullying.


Dealing with difficult nurses during clinical

We actually have a second blog submission on the topic of lateral violence (bullying). Megan takes a little bit of a different approach. Not everything is as it seems sometimes.

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Advice To Physicians: Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

While this post is geared towards physicians, Dr. Val Jones speaks volumes to Nurses as well. Sometimes being present is the most effective  treatment tool we possess.

I just stood next to him in the moment.

And sometimes, that’s what a doctor is supposed to do.

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10 Reasons To Use Blab.IM

Switching gears a bit, we have Drew Griffin talking a bit about, the new video chat platform that I’ve blogged about previously. He gives a long list of reasons why we all should be using Blab.

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Ring-Ring! “Hello?”- Nursing is calling

Florence is dead does it again. Blogging about a hot topic that may or may not agree with you. Is the profession of Nursing really a ‘calling’?

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The Afterlife of Trauma, Near and Far

Julianna Paradisi who blogs for the AJN talks about the stresses we all have to endure (to some degree) every year on September 11th. Sometimes the smallest of gestures give us inspiration

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In praise of the pre-filled syringe.

Ian hits home on this latest post. For the seasoned nurse like myself, I miss the ‘carbi-jet’. He discusses a study on how pre-filled syringes reduces time it takes to administer the medication – which in times of emergency when seconds matter can be very important. Yes, Ian I agree. Bring back the carbi-jet (he refers to them as mini-jets).

There were a lot of posts addressing ‘The Stethoscope Incident’ this past month, which was a great show of support for our profession:

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Suzanne Gordon, a journalist and author writes a short but effective post titled Short Post on Just Words
She hits the nail on the head here on just how influential our profession truly is.

Nurses should never doubt the power of their words and actions.  The commitment of nurses like those at #nursesunite to respond to these negative comments with their own words has resulted in the loss of two advertisers to The View. (now more than 9)

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.42.13 PMAn Open Letter to Joy Behar

Kateri takes a passionate but poignant perspective at the infamous miss-step. And re-iterates how our voices will be heard.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.45.09 PMand now I shall assemble my entourage
Laura over at ‘Adventures in Juggling’ also dedicated a couple blog posts to the ‘event’. She actually was interviewed on a local TV station!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.57.16 PMYeah, I’m Just a Nurse
Brie Gowen gives her definition of ‘Just a Nurse’

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Our good friend Keith, over at Digital Doorway weighs in as well:

“The View” and Joy Behar Expose Ubiquitous Myths About Nursing

Can’t leave out Florence is Dead and her thoughts on this topic:

What’s she doing with that “doctor’s stethoscope”?

After all the discussions about defending our profession, here is a great reminder of why we do what we do. Thanks to Nurselabs for sharing this one:

Watch This NICU Nurse in a Tearful Reunion With Babies She Saved

Finally lets round out the post with a little bit of comic-relief.

From our good friend #whatshouldwecallnursing:





Here’s another one from Brie, pokin’ some fun:

20 Things Nurses Hate to Hear

“You’re patient is a bit confused.”

Emoticons are taking over all aspects of our lives…

Orthopaedics to begin to use emojis in progress notes

emoji for orthopedic surgeons

Well, that’s all she wrote gang!

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I’ll be posting this blog carnival here as well as over at my new website The Change of Shift. I’ll probably post it in both places for the next couple months until everything is up and running with my new website before this blog carnival finds its new home over there.

Until next month… have fun out there!


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Closing time….


79HAll good things must come to an end… no matter how short their stay may be. Now, relax my great readers. This blog is not going away. I’m talking about the multiple social media identities and ventures that I have. More specifically my recent creation of The Nurse Niche Podcast and The Sean Dent Show on YouTube.

Sidebar: every time I hear the words ‘closing time’.. I think of this song. I grew up in the 90’s:


–Sorry.. I digress–

Both were great ideas. Both were an extension of me and my vision. But recently I had a stroke of luck and epiphany with the creation of The Change of Shift website and my newfound passion of Podcasting.

I can’t be everywhere doing everything. I need to focus, sharpen my voice out there and funnel my efforts. That destination is The Change of Shift. In order to get my message out there effectively I need to have it coming from one hub.

So I just recorded my last episode for The Nurse Niche Podcast. It has officially been retired.

As for The Sean Dent Show, I have a few videos recorded, I just have to decide on what to do with them. I may upload them to The Change of Shift, who knows.

It’s been a great journey thus far. I’ve hit a few bumps along the way. But, ten years into this and I have re-discovered my passion for sharing my knowledge about my wonderful Nursing profession.

I hope you’ll join me.


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What have I been up to lately? I became a Podcaster.

2015-09-24 22.30.24-1

Yep. You read that right. I became a full-fledged Podcaster. I’m not talking about the mini-Podcast I’ve been running the past several weeks. A Podcast with a co-host! A fellow kick-ass Nurse Practitioner.

12030247_1483876638606391_4523118413976329196_oGo visit Emily:

She’s like me, one of the old-dog bloggers. And she’s blogging again!

Oh, and I launched a new website while I was at it.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.44.24 PMGo check it out:

Stay tuned for the details.

In the meantime.. don’t forget about The Change of Shift blog carnival coming up!!!!

Advancing your degree: FNP vs ACNP


Interested in advancing your career as a Nurse Practitioner? Well be prepared to make some decisions. The profession has become specialized.

Episode 14 of my Podcast The Nurse Niche talks about some decisions you’re going to have to make when you decide to walk in the shoes of a Nurse Practitioner.

Here’s the rudimentary transcript (with grammatical errors):

What’s up everybody welcome back to the nurse needs podcast on your host Sean thanks for tuning it is always start today’s episode off little housekeeping issues or housekeeping thoughts as always thanks for tuning in you know that I’m on iTunes under the nurse niche you can also find me on my blog my strong medicine the podcast the interest in the podcast and the word out on the streets is is is growing slowly getting contacted from other nurses out on twitter talking about the podcast liking it so greatly appreciate the feedback please keep it coming still keeping it simple yup in the iPhone haven’t been able to make the leap into something a bit more advanced but trust me I am working on it all right today’s topic talking about nurse practitioners and I had a interesting brief conversation with a fellow nurse talking about want to go back to school and interested in becoming a nurse practitioner thank you the decision on which direction to take as a nurse practitioner and the ultimate question being FNP versus ACNP which in nonnursing terms means do I go for a primary care physician position working in primary care with patients across the lifespan or do I specialize in acute care which is more inpatient and while it’s mostly working with the adult population can also work with the pediatric population depends on the program in which you enroll in this is a legitimate and real concern for all the nurses out there who are making the leap to advance their career and become a nurse practitioner gone are the days where you can just enroll in nurse practitioner program and then when she graduates say I’m going to be a primary care or family practice nurse and on the work in an office boom there you go or after I graduate I decided I want to work in the hospital and I want to work with the cardiologist boom there you go those days are gone they no longer exist and you can thank it in part to the national Council State Board of nursing who created what is called the consensus model and the short short brief short personal version of that basically means is that all nurse practitioners are now becoming specialized you have to pick a specialty or you have to not pick a specialty you either have to be specialized in acute care or you go into primary care which is called family practice the big major difference two major differences in that is that first you have to take your population family practice is the lifespan from birth to death in a deal with infants the children the teenagers and the adults in acute care you have the lifespan of an adult which is usually 18 years and older there are some programs out there that allow you going to acute care for pediatrics or neonatal but those are very very specialized and very few programs out there right now that is a growing Avenue of interest so while it’s out there it’s not easy to enroll so basically in acute care nurse practitioner is an adult nurse practitioner here’s where the problem lies is that say you decide on the nurse to become a nurse practitioner and I enroll in my nurse practitioner school program and you are not exactly sure where you want to go the DIY work in primary care family practice FNP for I want to go to adult care acute care working in a specialty program sidebar when I say acute-care that means any kind of specialty you can work in cardiology in the acute care setting in working pulmonology renal you can work in oncology and any of the acute care settings and I say cute care it means not in the office it’s in the hospital or in a specialty clinic okay out of the sidebar back to my scenario nurse graduated nurse practitioner choosing FNP primary care or do I do adult acute care and then halfway through the program or after I graduate I figure out that you know what I didn’t really want to work in primary care I liked it in the inpatient setting I like it in and I will be biased I liked it in the ICU setting here’s where the problem lies is that 99% of the employers out there are following in line with this consensus model so very rarely can you be an FNP and work in an acute care setting Nile is a very rare but it’s almost not allowed in most states because you’re not properly trained education is one thing you get the same amount of education granted in family you do a lot more pediatrics across the lifespan as opposed to just adult but as an FNP you do not enroll in a lot of the acute-care critical care sort of education so you miss out on a couple things not neither good or bad is just the way the programs are structured now so when a nurse decides they want to become a nurse practitioner they really have to do some digging within themselves and within their experience as a nurse their professional experience as to what tripped their trigger what was it that interested them the most about becoming a nurse practitioner I do get this question a lot asking mean the advice which direction should I take and here’s my best piece of advice and was a piece of advice that was given to me by my old program director I don’t know what I just mean that my program director for I decided years ago to become a nurse practitioner I asked the same question Jago FNP or should I go acute care and here was her answer and I still think it holds true today think about where you want to be in five years after your out in practice who do you want to take care of where do you see yourself practicing now if you’re willing and wanting to change gears and to change your profession altogether if you were an ICU nurse and you really feel that you want to be in primary care than by all means you deftly should go into the FNP program but if there’s a shred of you that enjoys acute-care enjoys the critical care portion enjoys the specialty areas and you should reconsider where you’re going to start sure after it’s all done and over with as FNP graduate you truly do want to go back you truly want to be in acute care there are options there are bridge programs you can go back and get your post graduate certification that that’s more schooling and that’s more money so if you do it do it right the first time because nobody likes having to spend more money on education last time I checked I don’t have a lot of money to throw to the schools the also have the time investment you have to make in order to go back and the reversal is true as well I is an acute care adult nurse practitioner if I decide that I want to go into primary care and the FNP route there are options out there forming there is post graduate certificate programs out there that are and anywhere from nine months to 18 months some were very some very depending on where you go but it’s still extra time extra money so if you’re going to enroll in a nurse practitioner program trying to just trying to do it once and only once as an adult nurse practitioner myself I’m in acute care nurse practitioner I can care for anyone who was an adult in the acute care setting in the inpatient setting and in some instances outpatient setting but it has to be acute care so I could take care of patients in a clinic or in an outpatient office that is specialty so I could care for the cardiology groups patients or the nephrology groups patient so if you have to think of it in terms of what patience am I caring for in the hospital I could also see out of the hospital obviously I care for the in the critical it critically ill patients in the ICU when they get out of the ICU they have a whole slew of chronic problems that they had prior to seeing me and more problems with their habit have to have taking care of after they seem so can’t really use that as a example there’s no right answer there’s no wrong answer everyone’s answer is different when it comes to making that big decision I would just make sure that you take the time and make the effort to speak to those who already doing it speak to the program directors speak to other nurses try and get a sense of what it is that you want out of this I would hate for you to go through school and then realize after tens of thousands of dollars that you have to go back and get a postgraduate certificate any nurses out there interested in becoming a nurse practitioner have these questions by all means give me a shout contact me on all of my social media outlets best way to find me is Sean I’m there and my landing page you can find all my social social media, social media handles I’m on Twitter I’m on Facebook I have a personal Facebook page I have a fan page I have my blog I also have this podcast and of course amount their own Google plus oh I forgot Instagram also out there on Instagram my personal Facebook page in my Instagram countercurrent of a mix of nursing as well as my other passion of fitness and exercise if you haven’t figured out by now I’m also a CrossFit coach and a weightlifting coach a Olympic weightlifting coach so that interest you by all means hit me up thanks for tuning in checking me out have a listen be sure to leave a comment let me know what you thought of the episode and as always

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Happy Anniversary angel. Here’s to another 10 years!

September 10, 2005 changed my life forever. It’s the day I became a husband to most amazing women I had ever met.

She saved me.

I was a lost soul until she found me.

It’s ten years later, and I still am thankful every single day of my life that she said “Yes”.11988309_10206729368570475_283013600377497831_n

From my wife: I woke up to this on my bathroom mirror! “Thank you for saying yes!” And “Here’s to another ten years angel!!” Along with a note by my breakfast bars! Such an amazing man! Sean Dent you are the light of my life! Happy Anniversary baby!

We’re celebrating our Anniversary with a weekend getaway next weekend, but I wanted her to know how just how excited I am about making this milestone as a married couple. So I wrote that on her bathroom mirror.


Thank you for saying “Yes” angel. I love you.



Say Hello to the new video chat App Blab : Twitter + Periscope + Google Hangout + Skype

There’s a new kid on the block, and its name is Blab. is a new video chat app:

“four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches, comments and can instantly switch places with one of the four video”

blab2It’s turned out to be a pretty cool, and quite addictive lil app. I’ve participated in two ‘blabs’. Which is basically a video chat on steroids. We can interact/chat with all 4 on video, while engaging with an audience from Twitter. And the video guests can be interchanged (at the hosts discretion).

This app has endless possibilities! You can record the ‘blab’ and then you will get an audio and video file emailed to you to utilize how you wish.

I’m planning on using it to invite guests to ‘blab about nursing’ in the very near future!!! (*hint *hint)

Stay tuned gang.

Here’s my profile: (be sure to add me!)

blabIf interested here are my first two blab replays:

Here’s more on the app:

Nurses: where do you want to be when you grow up?


Where do you wanna grow up? All my ‘baby’ nurses out there… how do you know where you should go?

What area of nursing should you work in?

*Hint: It’s OK not to know

Check out Episode 14 of my Podcast.

Here’s the rudimentary transcript (with grammatical errors):

Welcome back to the nurse niche on your host Sean thanks for tuning in to my podcast then little busy recently some major changes going on in my social media life if you haven’t read anything out there on my blog or my fan page my relationship with scrubs magazine and the scrubs beat YouTube channel was terminated terminated to get word that has ended for reasons I’ll simply say creative differences maybe someday I’ll ask you talk about that whole scenario but six years later after blogging with scrubs my relationship has ended and it’s bit of a change but I’m down when I’m not out been doing this way too long one of the old guys now in the blogging world been doing this for close to 10 years so you guys are stuck with me would know what else to do if I wasn’t blogging or talking about nursing.

Quick subject today talking about what you want to be when you grow up as a nurse whether it’s going to the nursing school getting out of nursing school first job as a nurse heck this could be I’ve been a nurse so long and on at a dead-end job I don’t know what to do here’s the newsflash it’s okay not to know what to do it’s okay if you don’t know what kind of nurse you want to be I mean by what kind a nurse I mean what area with specialty area are you going to work are you running an MedSurg beginning on oncology pediatrics you want to work in an office ER flight nursing or you want to work in ICU wink wink I see you I’m here to tell you that you not to know the answer off the bat unless you are one of those lucky few that knew exactly where you want to be and what you want to do before you even started nursing because of influences in your life there are some of us out there that just have nursing in their blood nurses in the family been exposed the nursing sense the dawn of time and you knew exactly what you want to do and where you were going to go I myself was down the middle of the road by the time I got to my last semester nursing school I knew I enjoyed and loved being in the critical care world which was a major surprise for me because when I was in nursing school I thought I would transition to the MedSurg world because it was the easiest and most logical transition for those of you who don’t know or don’t remember I was an athletic trainer for close to a decade with the degree exercise and sport science worked with the athletic population worked side-by-side with the orthopedic surgeon so it was a logical step for me to walk into the MedSurg nursing shoes and of course working in the orthopedic world as a nurse or training or being educated in that area of nursing was an easy transition for me I already had the experience in the education as a trainer but for some reason the critical care world just got under my skin and of course if anyone of you know I stayed in critical care it’s a case short pause for about six months which was a major mistake but for the better part of the decade I’ve been a nurse I’ve always been in critical care I did him all around a bit him on anyone’s watched the video on change I did him all around a bit with what kind of a nurse I wanted to be where I wanted to work a new one to work in critical care question was how big of a hospital what location did I want to travel was I okay with being a bedside nurse that I want to work towards a supervisory role being a charge nurse and the maybe just maybe I want to go back and advance my degree because as nurse practitioners I really like what they do and what am I doing now on the acute care nurse practitioner working in the ICU how about them apples but I did not get to this point in a straight line may left me to write when I went down stopped moved it took me a while trial and error to figure out just where I fit in or just where I wanted to go and I needed help I got a lot of help from coworkers family friends I got a lot of help from previous mentors professors physicians everybody I worked with everywhere I worked with and worked I constantly asked questions I constantly reevaluated my situation was this right was his optimal could it be better even while I was in school going towards my Masters becoming few care nurse practitioner I still question is this right and might on the right path I think the question in part the key to maintaining your sanity and achieving some professional happiness bonus a success but happiness nurses out there think that you’re the answer to reveal itself and proof is over at format them done that’s not the case your think he figured out in the near and having experience at a job somewhere and realize me maybe that’s a better option but they call Mrs. message message the take-home message is the patient but the aggressive in figuring out where you want to go and don’t be frustrated if after one month one year two years 10 however many years it takes she still haven’t found your niche see related their niche wink wink utilize your resources utilized everything around you and then there’s this wonderful thing called the Internet enough you’ve heard of it there’s a buzz sylvian nurses out there that can give you some insight as to what might be better what might work for you what’s good what’s bad utilize your resources ask questions don’t be afraid to fail

As always thanks for tuning in my podcast you can find me on iTunes holy crap under the nurse needs podcast you can find me on any of the social media websites outlets on Instagram my name Sean dance him on Twitter I am unafraid and of course you can find me on Facebook either on my fan page I am Sean Dent or just Sean didn’t my Facebook personal page love the hear from you love the suggestions everyone so while people were messaging me give me some suggestions for topics on my podcast on my blog keep them coming the videos will be coming out shortly the Sean then show will live on thanks for tuning in have fun out there

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