Me and the New Job…


Via All the time. | Ha!

This has been me the past couple weeks. New job. New people. LOTS of new faces and new names to learn. I must say that sometimes just learning everyones name is harder than the actual job itself. I’ve been told if you say their name at least 3 times during that first initial meet (or saying it out loud), that the name ‘sticks’ in your memory banks better. I’ve tried it, but I always forget their name the next time I see them.

I’ve also heard some tips and tricks about name association or descriptive exercises you can do subliminally to help you remember. I personally think it’s just repetition. The more I see them, the easier it is to remember their name.

Either way, every time I think I have a handle on names, I meet two-five new people a day (or shift).

Heh heh…

Maybe by the year’s end I’ll remember them all?


Your thoughts....?

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