What if you are afraid of the bodily fluids or other aspects of the job of a Nurse? Could you still become a Nurse?

I believe you can. I speak from personal experience.

In my pre-Nursing life I had a genuine vasovagal response to everything about vomit and dry-heaving. Yet here I am a Nurse Practitioner going into my 12th year as a Nurse. A former Trauma certified bedside Nurse and now Nurse Practitioner working in a Trauma ICU.

It can be done. You can overcome this fear or ‘freak out’ of bodily fluid.

Remember, not every Nurse works at the bedside. You can work as a Nurse and not be exposed to those “fluids” (or at least minimize the exposure).

Do you know anyone that overcame this type of fear? How did they do it?!

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